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MB ReflexologyMB Reflexology  1.95
Freeware. 03-05-2010
MB Free Reflexology is a combination software which teaches you the basics of the two types of touch therapy healing ? reflexology and shiatsu self massage. The program is simple and very useful for people of all ages.

Gospel ParallelsGospel Parallels  1.06
Shareware ($7.95). 03-03-2010
Gospel Parallels is a side by side New Testament Bible tool. All 4 gospels appear on your screen side by side for easy reading, scrolling, word search and studying. Includes a notepad, chronological index & instant parallel passage matching.

MB Zodiac Healing SignMB Zodiac Healing Sign  1.25
Freeware. 02-11-2010
MB Free Zodiac Healing Sign describes the placement of Chiron in your birth chart. This planetoid is also known as the Wounded Healer. This sign helps you heal through pain and understand yourself better. This is based on Western Astrology.

What The Bible Says AboutWhat The Bible Says About  2.00
Shareware ($7.95). 01-26-2010
What The Bible Says About... - Study tool. Unlike other Bible software, this program goes beyond specific Bible words to point out passages by themes and ideas - listed alphabetically with hundreds of choices.

MB Runic IChingMB Runic IChing  1.15
Freeware. 12-20-2009
MB Runic IChing is a simple software that correlates runic divination with the I Ching form of esoteric divination. This software gives a detailed description of your sun sign personality, rune stone characteristics and corresponding I Ching hexagram

MB Astrology Nithya YogaMB Astrology Nithya Yoga  1.75
Freeware. 11-18-2009
MB Free Astrology Nithya Yoga calculates your birth yoga or nitya yoga. ?Yoga" means an "union" or "relationship" or angle between the longitudes of the sun and the moon. They are also known as Yoga Taras of Nakshatras (Birth Star).

MB Mystic Learning Suite IIMB Mystic Learning Suite II  1.20
Freeware. 11-18-2009
MB Mystic Learning Suite II is a collection of learning softwares teaching you the basics of Dream Interpretation, Palmistry, Yoga, Cartomancy and Aromatherapy. This is a learn-and-test yourself kind of learning software.

MB Electional AstrologyMB Electional Astrology  1.60
Freeware. 11-11-2009
MB Free Electional Astrology is a 'Vedic Electional Astrology' software which finds out the auspicious time related to activity based on the calculations of Vedic principles. It is an advanced software based on the concept of Hindu astrology.

Music TheoryMusic Theory  3.01g
Shareware ($22). 11-10-2009
The essential multimedia guide to playing and understanding music. ChordWizard Music Theory 3.0 contains How Music Works, a comprehensive suite of multimedia tutorials that explain music in clear, simple language you can relate to.

King James DictionaryKing James Dictionary  2.10
Shareware ($5.95). 11-09-2009
King James Dictionary - Is the 1611 King James Version of the Bible full of hard, difficult, archaic words? What does "anon", "concupiscence" and "wist" mean? This dictionary helps you learn the meaning of those words.


DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)