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Recommended!LucyLucy's Globe  3.01
Shareware ($9). 09-30-2011
Lucy's Globe trains at the same time geographical and foreign language knowledge. The shareware program shows a colorful globe on the screen and in a puzzle like mode puts learners on the task to select the name and capital for the right state.

FlagScholarFlagScholar  1.3
Shareware ($1.99). 04-28-2013
Fun and addictive game for learning the flags of the world. Race against the clock for points! Mouse game: Drag flag pictures to matching country names. Keyboard: Type the name of the displayed flag. Atlas: Interactive atlas of the world.

Flags Of Europe QuizFlags Of Europe Quiz  1.0
Freeware. 08-02-2012
A multiple choice quiz on Flags of Europe, to help you learn and to test your knowledge.

TOPOWIN (English)TOPOWIN (English)  11.42
Shareware ($140). 06-18-2012
TOPOWIN is a state-wide register of the German topographic cartographies and of localities with geo references in different coordinate systems. It also is a topographic information system.

Countries and CapitalsCountries and Capitals  1.2
Shareware ($17.95). 12-11-2010
Countries and Capitals is a fun to use tool that will help your kids learn the names or world countries and their capital cities. The program is a colorful interactive atlas covering the entire world and specific countries, including USA and Canada.

Country LocatorCountry Locator  1.01
Shareware ($19.95). 06-09-2006
Visualize the location of all the countries of the world. Use as a reference to locate countries whose location you are curious about. Use it to test your knowledge of the world by having the program prompt you to find certain countries.

GE-GraphGE-Graph  2.2.21
Freeware. 10-16-2010
Make graph into Googlr Earth to illustrate your presentations, papers, etc. GE-Graph was developed to generate graphs from kml files saved by GE.

GE-PathGE-Path  1.4.5
Freeware. 11-20-2011
GE-Path was developed to make paths and/or draw circles and polygons with place marks saved by Google Earth. The data can also be typed into the application or pasted/exported to the clipboard. Files generated by GE-Path are exported to Google

Schmap WorldSchmap World  2.0
Freeware. 04-14-2008
Schmap World contains travel guides for 200 worldwide cities (including Paris, New York, Sydney). Each guide comes with dynamic maps, useful links, playable tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for 100s of attractions, restaurants, shops.

SEVENPAR (English)SEVENPAR (English)  2.21
Shareware ($170.00). 06-20-2012
SEVENPAR calculaties exact parameter sets for the Spatial Helmert or Molodensky Transformation with seven or three parameters, which are used for accurate geodetic datum shifts between different reference systems for coordinate transformations.


DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)