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PC Guard for Win32PC Guard for Win32  5.10.0150
Commercial ($249). 05-30-2012
PC Guard for Win32 (.NET) is a professional software protection and licensing system for Windows 32bit and .NET framework applications.

vManagevManage  2.0
Demo ($495). 05-10-2012
vManage is a test management tool that allows you to organize and manage the testing process by providing tools that aid in bug tracking and test and requirements management.

TransactionTransaction  1.6.7
Shareware ($59.00). 04-19-2012
Transaction is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose interactive data analysis and reporting tool intended to help you control your online sales.

VidiScript Video UploaderVidiScript Video Uploader  1.0
Freeware. 04-19-2012
VidiScript Video Uploader lets you upload every one of your videos to all vidiscript sites at once with just a click of a button. You can target specific keywords by simply changing the title and description of your video.

GSA Auto SoftSubmitGSA Auto SoftSubmit  7.71
Shareware ($50.00). 04-02-2012
Submit your product to over 9000 software archives, directories and search engines. Save a lot of time and money as its fully automated. Promoting your software has never been easier. Load a PAD file and let the program do the rest.

EXE Bundle - The file joinerEXE Bundle - The file joiner  3.12
Shareware ($100). 03-27-2012
EXEBundle screen has simple options for joining your executable or source files. This is useful for embedded drivers, installers, video files, close texts, nagscreens, welcome texts, start animations, screensavers, loaders, system files etc.

WTM Copy Protection / CD ProtectWTM Copy Protection / CD Protect  2.56
Shareware ($400). 03-27-2012
Need a good copy protection measure? Worried about piracy? WTM CD Protect - Protect your software against illegal copy. More profit with less illegal copies.

BoxedApp PackerBoxedApp Packer
Shareware ($299). 03-03-2012
Developer utility for creating full-fledged applications, built with third-party libraries and components and capable of employing the full power of your PC, that don't require the installation and are packed in one self-sustaining executable file.

Manco .NET Licensing SystemManco .NET Licensing System
Shareware ($74.95). 03-03-2012
Manco .NET Licensing System is powerful licensing and copy protection tools for .NET Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET applications, controls and components. Strong encryption. Flexible license file content. Creates encrypted code and data.

Continuous Integration Server TeamCityContinuous Integration Server TeamCity  7
Freeware. 02-22-2012
User-friendly Continuous Integration server for developers and build engineers, trivial to setup and free for small teams. Distributed building and unit testing, inspections for Java, JS, JSP, CSS and .NET, customizable statistics, Maven, Gradle.

123456...  11

DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)