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Shareware ($349). 01-27-2007
Hardware Developers: Insert your USB/PCI/ISA PnP device and perform various operations from GUI interface: read USB descriptors, perform USB pipes operations, read PCI registers, handle interruptions, control Parallel and Serial Ports.

RoutineBotRoutineBot  2.0
Shareware ($149). 08-04-2009
RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software, now can automatically test menus. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it. The latest version supports Basic, Java, Pascal scripts.

Shell ResetShell Reset
Shareware ($15). 08-03-2004
Debugging of Shell extensions is a simple process, but some things still made developers "unhappy": dll's are locked by Explorer and other applications, some settings hidden in the registry. ShellReset utility solves these problems.

USB Monitor Protocol AnalyzerUSB Monitor Protocol Analyzer
Shareware ($69.99). 06-28-2012
Software USB port sniffer, USB protocol analyzer and data logger. This Universal Serial Bus monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis. Software USB monitoring tool

Virtual Null ModemVirtual Null Modem
Shareware ($74). 09-27-2011
The program emulates one or couples of RS-232 serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable. It is possible to create the unlimited couples of virtual serial ports on a single PC and connect them in any sequence using virtual null-modem cable.

Comm EchoComm Echo
Freeware. 10-18-2010
Comm Echo is a free debug tool for serial port (RS232), TCP/IP and UDP port communication. It's for loopback test. It displays all received data in Text, Hex or Decimal format. It lists all available serial port on computer automatically.

DeveloperExpoDeveloperExpo  4.1.5
Commercial ($258). 04-28-2009
DeveloperExpo is the perfect tool for developing and debugging smart phone applications directly on a mobile phone. With DeveloperExpo it is possible to closely observe application behavior right on a mobile phone.

FlashTracerFlashTracer  1.2.1
Freeware. 04-02-2012
Flash Tracer is a debugging tool for Flash platform, can debug the local and remote applications.

Log4VBLog4VB  1.1
Shareware ($30.00). 04-13-2004
Unified trace environment consisting of an API plus a trace viewer. A must-have tools for professional developers. All components of all your applications write into the same trace. For development and trouble-shooting at customer sites.

sedsedsedsed  1.0
Freeware. 12-09-2004
Sedsed masters SED scripts. The debug mode reveals the internal buffers contents. The indent mode reformats your script and the tokenize mode shows the elements of every command. Sedsed also converts your script to a beautiful colored HTML file. GPL.

1...  3456

DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)