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LiberatorLiberator  2.0.64
Shareware ($62.42). 11-01-2016
Text to Software makes applications automatically from subject matter expert knowledge, data from websites, human sources, documents and databases.

TEIMSI Script Language CompilerTEIMSI Script Language Compiler  0.95
Shareware ($59.95). 02-24-2015
The TEIMSI Script Language Compiler creates applications or dynamic link libraries for Windows(R) Operating Systems.

NeoBook Rapid Application BuilderNeoBook Rapid Application Builder  5.8.4
Shareware ($189.95). 04-17-2013
Powerful Windows application builder for creating custom Windows utilities, interactive presentations, educational/training materials, database front ends, CD menus, calculators, etc. Built-in compiler creates stand-alone Windows exes. Royalty-free.

DNGuard HVM ProDNGuard HVM Pro  3.60
Shareware ($899). 07-10-2012
Advanced .NET Code Protection and Obfuscation Technology A professional and aiming at kernel protector for .NET source code

AthTek Code to FlowChartAthTek Code to FlowChart  1.5.4
Shareware ($119). 06-30-2012
Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineer and document writers. It automatically generate flow chart/NS chart from source code, and help user to understand complex program structures by visual diagrams.

TAS Professional 7 Powered by CASTAS Professional 7 Powered by CAS  7.8.1
Shareware ($199). 05-15-2012
TAS Professional 7 is designed to be a complete application development tool for graphical operating systems. It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development, as well as the seasoned developer.

LikeBasicLikeBasic  3.5.1
Shareware ($637). 04-17-2012
Basic like scipt language with component to include in different kind of host applications.Automatic typing system. Extendable by using .NET class libraries.Could be easily to be integrated with host application.

Astrobe for Cortex-M3Astrobe for Cortex-M3  4.2.0
Shareware ($95.00). 04-08-2012
Astrobe for Cortex-M3 is a fast integrated development environment for developing efficient 32-bit native code embedded software for Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. You can now write high- and low-level software without assembler or C.

JexePackJexePack  8.3a
Shareware ($99.95). 04-04-2012
JexePack allows you to deploy your Java application, along with its resources (like GIF, JPG, JNI DLLs, etc), into a single compressed 32-bit Windows EXE that targets Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Supports an EXE an a Windows NT service.

Syntax Diagram Editor and  CompilerSyntax Diagram Editor and Compiler  2.08.00
Shareware ($295.00). 02-22-2012
Generates parser/state machines directly from syntax diagrams and rule. Creating and editing syntax diagrams graphically. Emulation and Trace to validate grammar. Convert EBNF, ABNF, XBNF descriptions ato syntax diagrams, and syntax diagrams to EBNF.


DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)