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Software by: FileJockey Software

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Recommended!CopyFolderCopyFolder  1.6
Shareware ($9.99). 01-19-2015. Windows
CopyFolder 1.6 provides many options for copying the contents of one folder to another. Subfolders can be filtered by paths, names or patterns and may or may not include their subfolders. File names can be filtered by patterns.

ClipHintClipHint  2.21
Shareware ($4.99). 06-14-2012. Windows
ClipHint 2.21 allows you to modify formatted or unformatted text before you paste it into an application. It displays a hint of the current item in its Taskbar button label. It stores many Clipboard items and restores them upon program start.

DiskSizesDiskSizes  1.7
Shareware ($4.99). 03-07-2012. Windows
DiskSizes 1.7 shows status information about your computer's disks or drives. Can also measure a folder's disk use and displays the number of folders, number of files and sum of the file sizes.

AddressEditAddressEdit  1.1
Shareware ($4.99). 02-02-2012. Windows
AddressEdit 1.1 provides commands for modifying Internet Explorer's web-address list and saving your changes. These commands include delete, edit, add, move up/down, save and undo.

AnnWebLinksAnnWebLinks  2.0
Shareware ($10). 01-11-2009. Windows
AnnWebLinks 2.0 allows you to describe, search, sort, import and categorize web links. It is intended to supplement browser favorites or bookmarks. However, it can also store annotated filenames. It is useful for job hunting.

DateTitleDownloads(sort by)       AnyFreewareFree-trial(license)