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Atlas SubtitlerAtlas Subtitler
Atlas Subtitler makes it very easy to download subtitles in any language for a whole series of videos. It supports Drag&Drop and can even shift subtitles in a part of the film. It can also adjust to unequal speeds. Because subtitles are downloaded from multiple servers you will nearly always find something in your language. - Drag & Drop of files onto the app - Highly sophisticated algorithm to extract the movie title, season, episode and year from a file or folder name automatically. Very near to a human. - Processing of multiple videos at once - Querying of multiple servers for subtitles at once - Automatic selection process to find the most valuable resp. accurate subtitle file - Shifting of the timings of subtitles is implemented. Either in a part of the movie or the entire one. Shift can be proportional to compensate drifts. Shift can be done either interactively or automatically during the download - Supports the most modern XML style '*.srt' format. No other, older formats are supported. - Either automatic detection or manual handling of the different character sets used in the many subtitle files. Automatic conversion to UTF-8 for better compatibility with the many players. - Support for about 70 languages of 'OpenSubtitles.org'. The list can be updated from the server that allows new languages also to be processed. - Support for up to 4 subtitle language files at once, in a priority chain. - Support for devices that only handle the main srt file (eg. Dreambox, VU+) - Single click backup operation of existing subtitle files - Playing videos with one click - Copying videos and its subtitles or the whole folder to another location having a last used directory list handy. End time will be calculated. Option to quit the app, suspend or shutdown the pc at the end. - Moving videos and its subtitles or the whole folder to another location. Space is preserved by deleting a file immediately after copy (different than Windows)
Author:Atlas InformatikAtlas Subtitler
License:Shareware ($3.99)
OS:WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 10, Windows 8
File size:4 Mb
Keywords:subtitle, video, movie, film, srt, shifting, preparing
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