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Voix Manager LinuxVoix Manager Linux  1.0.3
Voix Manager is an IAX switchboard call manager for Operators and Receptionists, is written in C++ and is able to manage and display information about your Asterisk PBX activity in real time. Voix Manager has been thought with simplicity in mind, all feature needed by the attendant, fast and easy usable, with the minimum configurations, just fill the phone and manager login information and play. What's new? Added: * OSX address book plugin integration * Http socket integration to manage call event from external application * OSX pause/resume iTune on incoming and outgoing calls via applescript * WIN32 pause/resume iTune on incoming and outgoing calls via vb script * PopUp on top for incoming call * Launch Action on incoming and outgoing calls (scripts or applications) * Settings locked whith password * Complete Call report not only for missed cals * Menu Bar * Contextual menu and key shortcuts * Full TrayIcon support * Show/hide TrayIcon option * Ringtone volume controll * Version check * DND status * Call Forwarding status * Asterisk DND support * Asterisk Call Forwarding support * Docked interface * FreePbx support * DAHDI compatibility * Help * Dymamic Agent login to multiple queues * Queues monitoring and interaction * Parking lot monitoring and interaction * Drag and drop to move and sort extensions and groups * Extensions sort by name, number and custom order * Extensions User details and interaction * Contextual menu to extension buttons Changed: * RingBack tone, now the tone is played only on the primary audio device * Audio volume controll accessible by the phone and deleted from the settings * Agent callback login to dymamic agent login Fixed: * Initializing a call with yoursef * Initializing more then one call double clicking a missing list item * Send busy when in call * Initializing more then one call double clicking an extension button * Hold indication for 1.4 asterisk * Drop calls on quit action * # key support on different keyboards
Author:VoixVoix Manager Linux
File size:15.6 Mb
Keywords:voip, internet telephony, asterisk, pbx, iax, iax2, ip phone, softphone, soft phone
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